Refund Policy

19 Apr 2022
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<Case of non-refundable>

1. In case the product is lost or damaged due to the fault of the consumer(However, unless the packaging is damaged to check the contents).

2. When the value of the product has significantly decreased due to the use of the product by the consumer.

3. When the value of an item has significantly decreased to such an extent that it is difficult to re-sell it over time.

4. In case the packaging box, inner wrapping paper, product is damaged or the tag and label are removed.

5. If there is a smell that is not related to the product, such as perfume, tobacco, etc.

6. The product has been washed or repaired.

7. If more than 7 business days (excluding holidays) have elapsed since receipt of the product. 

<Case of refundable>

1. Requests for exchange or return of purchased products can only be made within 7 days of receipt.

2. In case of exchange/return due to customer change of mind, the customer is responsible for the all receive/return shipping cost.

3. In case of misdelivery, product defect, or defective product, TRACEUR will cover the one-way and round-trip shipping costs.