Become Generalist rather than Specialist

Jiho Kim, who started Parkour in 2004, realized that shoes made with only a specific environment in mind are dangerous. Modern lifestyle and people experiences a variety of activities and changes in space every day. The TRACEUR brand is a shoes that is useful not only in environments such as railings, walls, concrete and rocks, but also in movements such as running, rolling, hanging, jumping, climbing, and balancing. In other words, we have been working hard to create shoes that can adapt well to various environments and movements.

Empowering #ParkourCulture 

The mission of the TRACEUR brand is to spread a healthy parkour culture in a limited urban space. The rapid urbanization and capitalization of the past century has standardized the diversity of human movement. As we spend most of our time on fixed roads, elevators, subways, and chairs, the opportunity to experience complex movement patterns other than sitting, walking, standing, and lying down has decreased.  In the background of parkour culture, which appeared with a sense of problem from such objects and spaces, it is the result of human desire to deviate from the set path and long for freedom.

We believe that footwear contributes in large part to people's desire to move freely. To experience and choose a life where more people can freely move and live. That's why we want to create and promote footwear that excels in all areas, not just a shoe for a specific movement, a specific space.